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About Redvex's Kingdom

This website is a portfolio of all my porn-related work. Its aim is to gather as much of what I have done over the years in one place, as possible. As of now, access to it is free and contains photographs only. Some of these photos contain logos of other websites, which means that I do not own the copyright to that particular batch of content, and I am only promoting a website I have shot for. You should be able to find a link to that website in the Title or subtitle of the scene.

I am considering hosting films here in future, which will require a paid members area, mainly due to hosting my provider's fees. You can watch some of my films in the "rental movies" or "clips areas of "my profile at adultwork.com. This, however, is not free, but helps me a bit as well. There are 3 free films I have uploaded to xhamster.com at the bottom of the "Meet me" page

I wish this website to be as plain and simple as possible, so I am trying to keep its "interactivity" and bullshit like flashy banners to an absolute minimum. Although some of you would like it, I won't be adding comments' sections under content, moderating that would be a pain in the ass... Sorry. You can still use twitter for leaving comments.

Nevertheless, I have recently added an option for you to chose the scene out of which 3 first pictures are going to be loaded onto the home page. - Just type the number of scene you left this site at the last time and press the "Save button" and the next 3 pictures loaded onto the main page will be of your chosen scene. Clicking on any of those will take you to the scene's page, where I might be adding some very basic gallery that actually works and fits the picture onto the monitor properly, unlike some of the useless fancy fancy CMS plugins... Until then it is gonna stay as it is no matter how annoying it may be.

Thank you!