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This website is a portfolio of all my porn-related work. Its aim is to gather as much as possible of what I have done as well as will be doing during my career. - That's without breaking any agreements, of course. You are welcome to view all the photographs free of charge. Some of these photos contain logos of other websites, which means that I do not own the copyright to that particular batch of content, and I am only promoting the websites of companies I have worked for. You should be able to find links to those websites in title, after selecting a scene.

I am currently hosting a few of my films, like this one too. Access to films is limited to visitors with an active subscription - which can be purchased here or after clicking the "Sign up" button at the top of most pages of RedVex's Kingdom. If you are thinking of purchasing access to the films, please check if you get the log-in prompt here, or any other area that requires an active subscription, before making the payment. Older mobile devices' browsers, or systems might not support playback in their Internet browsers. You can check here if yours does. If you cannot playback the video in your browser, you should still be able to download it and play in your local video-playing app. You can also watch some of my films in the "rental movies" or "clips' area" of my profile at adultwork.com. This is paid for in AW credits, which help me a run my profile there. There are also 3 free films I have uploaded to xhamster.com at the bottom of the "Meet me" page. I am going to edit more of my content and make it available soon. This will take some more time as I need to edit or reedit most of it, as well as get a bigger hosting account.

If you are looking for the "Log-in" button - stop - it is not there. The log-in prompt should appear whenever you try to access for the first time content visible only to subscribers. You should get logged-out automatically upon closing your browser or clearing "the history". This may be dependent on your privacy settings.

To purchase a subscription, you need to click the "sign-up" button in the main menu on top of my website's pages, marked as "1" in the picture below. Once you have successfully got your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password. At the moment, there is no password recovery available on-line, so I suggest that you enter an email address you have access to, and keep the purchase confirmation for the duration of your subscription. If you do loose your username or password, you can call or text me and I should be able to retrieve it for you. I will need you to provide me with the email address used upon your subscription's purchase. You should be able to use your credentials after requesting access to any of the restricted content, e.g. if you click a link to a film. These links, marked as "2" in the picture below, should appear right underneath the scene's title - provided that a film is present, above the big picture preview on the main page.

I wish this website to be as plain and simple as possible, so I am trying to keep its "interactivity" etc. to an absolute minimum. You can still use twitter, or Fetlife for commenting. I'm affraid I won't be interacting too much though...

I do not collect any of your personal data. Payment and accounts are managed by CCbill. If you are having problems with payment, you can contact them.

Please do not share your subscription's credentials with anyone else as this might result in me ending your saubscription prematurely.

This website uses javascript so make sure you have that enabled.

Thank you!